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Personalised SATs tutoring

We understand the desire of parents for their children to achieve the best possible results in SATs tests, particularly those in Year 6 (key stage 2).

In our free assessment and the subsequent tailored tuition programme, we find any gaps in the skills to be tested and work with your son or daughter to fill them so that they can face the tests confidently.

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Why are SATs important?

The SATs results in Year 6 can be used when streaming secondary school pupils into sets based on academic ability. In year 6, the process of secondary school selection can add to the pressure on children to perform well in the tests.

In addition to working to identify and address academic areas for improvement, we also help prepare children for the assessment with advice on learning, practising, skills of time management and exam technique so that they do themselves justice in the tests.


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What are SATs exactly?

SATs are intended as an assessment of a child's academic ability and their development in comparison with others of the same age nationally. They were implemented with the intention of helping parents and teachers identify each child's strengths and weaknesses, and to provide a national yardstick for measurement. They are taken by children at two key stages in Year 2 and Year 6 in May. For many children these tests are the first formal testing they will experience.

SATs means Standardised Assessment Tests.